Mobile Tracker is a simple and free web based tool that helps you find out the Cellular Operator (Provider/Company) and Telecom Circle (Location/Area under which number has been registered, usually the state) for any Indian mobile number. Just enter the 10 digit mobile number without any prefix (e.g 953519****, without the '+91' or '0') and click on TRACE button to get the tracking results for the target cell phone number.

It only tells you about provider (e.g AirTel, IDEA, VODAFONE, BSNL etc), location (name of the state) and signaling standards (GSM/CDMA). It can be useful in certain cases e.g you received a missed call from an unknown number and need some clue about the caller. This number locator site is completely free and there are no restrictions. Plus, it also works well on all mobile browsers. If the results are unknown then it means the number is invalid or maybe it's unable to locate that number.

Note : We do not store/record any mobile number you submit on this website.